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You Are Owned, by Default

You Are Owned, by Default.

By Khalil Fariel

Letters: Islam and terrorism are linked – Orange County RegisterThis is on a verse of Qur’an. Not at all ambiguous, nor scores of undertones confined, but all about a message. Can be taken in on the first glance because the intimation is obvious to any reader. Just an open recital suffices. However, to go in details requires discernment of Qur’an’s overall vicious disposition and consequent toxic discharges. The very factors that suspend an impartial reader in qualms over whether the tag of Holy or something contrary is befitting Qur’an. Moreover, this peculiar sense of uncertainty will force the reader to mull over recognition or remonstration, what exactly the book is asking for. Too deadly the effluences are for most to go for the latter option.

We go through the verses with all the above in our discernment:

Allah has purchased from the believers their selves and possessions, and for them is Paradise. They fight in the Way of Allah, slay, and are slain. [Qur’an 9:111]

Allah has ownership of everything. He owns faith, and it is his prerogative to bless faith NOT with all, but only to those, he is happy about. This arbitrariness of God is noticeable in Qur’an through statements like “He will guide whoever he likes and it is unto him to misguide and doom whosoever he likes to”. The Question why does God behave bizarrely can be provocative here, for the best in God’s defence coming out will be an ‘ad hoc’ statement from those who believe in this strange character. “God is beyond human comprehension”. Not always, but whenever the believer being cornered without anything in defence.

The concept of freewill is the grand total of illusion in Islam. Freewill is deceptive because, human beings in general have no sense of liberty in choosing anything other than what Allah wants them to choose. In case disbelief is written on anyone’s fate, there is no redemption from it. Allah, enjoying large-scale ownership of his subjects should be laughing all the way to heaven and hell whenever he dumps someone to hell despite of whatever good things the unfortunate person had done in life. One can submit to God, still a sojourn in paradise is a far cry.
This will be bewildering some readers, but I will quote a Sahih Hadith from Bukhari to solve it.
Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “The deeds of anyone of you will not save you from the Hell Fire.” They said, “Even you will not be saved by your deeds, O Allah’s Apostle?” He said, “No, even I will not be saved unless and until Allah bestows His Mercy on me. [Sahih Bukhari: 8.470]

We have to dissect the verse 9:111 in this context. The message it conveys is significant for believers in Islam since there is something denotative of a transaction in it. If simply believing in Allah and performing the prescribed rituals is not sufficient to gain confidence in one’s abode hereafter, what about signing a deal or involving in a trade with the owner heaven? Give your life and whatever belongs to you in the divine cause, then in return Allah grants you his paradise, where you should necessarily end up. No matter how boring paradise seems to you, for there is nothing in it than eating and having fun with heavenly virgins. There will never be any shortage of anything for one to complain though.

The import of God purchasing the believer and all affairs denotes to a default position. Human beings are born in debt to their creator God. Indebted because God has already done the trade in their affairs. Their lives are not supposed to be their own, but it is the merchandise of a deal they did with their creator. They are owned by default. They should only carry on in accordance with the contract they made with God. If there occurs any shortcoming from them, that will effectively cancel the contract in the business to doom the souls in uncertainty. What should a believer go for rather than promptly according to the terms than nullifying it?

Somali 'Refugee' Influx Continues Unabated | Addis Ethiopia WeblogGod is not at all hesitant to explicate what the transaction means. He goes on graphic to state, “it is to slay and be slain”. God cannot be more forthright in terms than this. One submits to him is supposed to slay (infidels) and in the course he will be slain too. Martyrdom is the ultimate means of attaining the prepared abode. What else this is other than indicative of terrorism in the present context? The whole of Muslims are to participate in Jihad, it is for Allah purchased their existence in this world. Recompense is due only in settling the pact by means of armed fight, because Allah has accentuated it with terms “slay” and be “slain”. There is no redemption from this going metaphorical or allegorical. That will be paying in hell.

The so-called “cause of Allah” can be confusing. What does it mean in any context? We may forget the fallibilities of God even after him proclaiming ‘he is in no need of help from any let alone devotees’. The exegesis of the particular verse does not stress on God’s reliance on his creation. Rather if anyone with the whole of his heart submits to God and observe the necessary rituals, still he needs to rely on God’s mercy in hereafter to get accommodated in the appropriate domain. Islam is not for salvation, rather it emphasizes the meaning of existence is to attain a physiological realm where all the pleasures forbidden in earthly life will be made available in abundance for the believer to enjoy. One might wonder how such a piece of materialistic ideology survived throughout centuries and still in existence!

The cause of Allah does mean establishment of Islamic governance over this planet. Wherever believers are stranded, they are to strive for establishing an Islamic state in which only Allah’s laws are functional. Allah has dictated civil and criminal laws in his book for believers to run a theocratic state. This state will dictate people how to live their life. Even a step around will be under scrutiny, because Allah has mentioned it through his seal of Prophets which foot should come first while going for shopping or going to answer the call of nature. Books of hadith, prophetic sayings are brazen in this regard. Amusing they seem when believers are instructed on which finger they should start while cutting nails. Which leg they should sit on while defecating, and the diversity of dhikr (holy utterances) in each action’s case. There are dhikr specifically designed for believers to utter when they are about to make intimate contact with their partners, during and after the incidence this dhikr varies.

That is not the end, there is mentioning of the position that is more favourable for God, moreover after the completion Allah has favoured positions for both to sleep also. There is special dhikr before sleeping, another exclusive one right after waking up. One that to utter before brushing, and if one feels like spiting, he should avoid doing it in his right side. Instructions are there before man setting out for his occupation, if he is in the field of business, there are holy utterances to pronounce while buying and selling products. All vary according to the situation, and believer cannot pledge with anyone without emphasizing ‘if God wills’. If anyone outside the sphere of this cranky system wants to know, how Islamic governance is like, these are something about it. All what I mentioned over are part of Islamic governance. And not to forget the whole of male species should grow beards and the length of the beard is also dictated. Barbers have limit in touching beards, but can go for balding heads.

L'Islam pour les Nuls: The Root of Islamic Terrorism, Chapter 2 (Abdul Kasem)Next time you hear or read from an Islamic propagandist “Islam is an absolute living system in all walks of human life”, consider all the above. There is nothing to cudgel brains. ‘All walks of human life’ will be somewhat fascinating a term, but when one recognizes it is all about some of God’s preferences, the term might lose its appeal altogether but not for true believers in One and Only God. God prefers a certain foot in toilet, or God does not want you to drink water while you are standing, or in a more intimate sense, God wants you stay more days with your new virgin partner over your old and worn out souls stranded in your supervision or better say detention. It is all about God’s peculiar likings.

If all that said tastes superficial, then I should add God’s basic proclivity to get his subjects martyred. It is the ultimate means of satisfying God and reserving a berth in the much boasted paradise. Boasted for its indigenous virgins especially for their looks and charms to human eyes.

And is it tempting enough? “Allah purchased our life and wealth” for what in the world? To foot left in the toilet and to spit necessarily on our left sides only? And in the world hereafter for some perpetual virgins with large bosoms?

Allah with his malicious penchants is highly effective a stimulant for his subjects to blow up among the crowd and too divine a cause for faithful to look for the jugular veins of infidels…! Hard to fathom why should the true believer then have his hands on CAPTAGON*?
(*Captagon is a synthetic stimulant of amphetamine class, darling of terrorist outfits like ISIS and its counterparts)

[Author is an Ex-Muslim resident of subcontinent. Can be reached at khalizid11@gmail.com In case reproducing authors article, please with a link to the original in this site]

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