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Enjoy Your Inheritance


Enjoy Your Inheritance

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ (Ephesians 1:3).

     1 Corinthians 3:21-23 says, “Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours; Whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come; all are yours; and ye are Christ’s; and Christ is God’s.” All things are yours to enjoy. Refuse to settle for a lower life than what Christ has made available to you.

        Poverty, sickness and defeat are not for you. A life of dominion and authority is what you’ve been called to. Make up your mind to live triumphantly every day; that’s the will of the Father for you. Jesus Christ suffered on the Cross to give you an eternal life of victory, success and prosperity. He brought you out of the world to bring you into God’s Kingdom; a kingdom of righteousness, to reign as a king: “For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall rein in life by one, Jesus Christ…” (Romans 5:17).

       Receive all that God has prepared for you by living in His Word. Isaiah 1:19-20 says, “if ye be willing and obedient, ye shalt eat the good of the land…” Now that you’re born again, your act of obedience is submission to the Lordship of the Word. Live according to the Word; for the Word is absolute reality.



My life is hidden with Christ in God, who has bequeathed to me an inestimable inheritance! My only goal is to bring honour and glory to you Lord, for making me a partaker of the glorious inheritance of the saints in the Kingdom of light.



1Timothy 6:17; Colossians 1:12




1 Year Bible reading plan: Acts 20:1-16; Job 19-21

2 Year Bible reading plan:  Galatians 2:13-21; Isaiah 29

Satan of the Quran is a pious Jenni who was forced into wickedness by Allah Seduction

Islam is not Abrahamic religion and Quran contradicts the Torah Part 2


Satan of the Quran is a pious Jenni who was forced into wickedness by Allah Seduction


Part 1 we proved that Adam of the Quran is not the same Adam the Torah talked about, here is the linked if you missed that article


Now in regards to Satan between Quran on one side and Tanakh (all OT books include Torah) on the other, we find that Satan can not be the same creature or being between the both.


Satan of the Torah is a Fallen Angel

Based on OT we can easily conclude that Satan currently is a fallen angel based on Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, he was created as a righteous archangel named Lucifer but at a point of time before creation of mankind he started to remove his sight from the righteousness, holiness and greatness of God into his own, the spiritual disease of self-righteousness and that is why the accumulative doctrine of true righteousness in the bible is God’s righteousness covering us not our own and that is the bases of salvation. Now back to Satan self-righteousness, greed and arrogance started to creep into him until the point he rebellion against God and we see that clearly in the following scripture

Isaiah 14:12

How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the nations!


So as you see Satan was created as good, why would a kind and good God create an evil spirit?

But self-righteousness and greed made it’s way into him no one and specially God motivated him into wickedness

After he has fallen and became in rebellion with God he became the accuser against mankind, his plan is to separate between mankind and God (and that leads to hell), refer to book of Job and Zechariah (3:1-2)


Also in the bible we know more about Satan

Revelation 12:9

The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him


Also Jesus Christ described him as the liar and from the beginning murderer of mankind,

for example John 8:44

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.


Also in Judeo-christian worldview angels either good or fallen are not physical beings but spiritual beings created as servants for mankind according to Hebrews 1:14

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?


Satan of the Quran is a Jinni

Satan of the Quran is not a fallen angel, actually not angel at all but a physical mythical creature made of fire and is one of the Jinn based on those ayahs

Surah 18:50

And [mention] when We said to the angels, "Prostrate to Adam," and they prostrated, except for Iblees. He was of the jinn and departed from the command of his Lord (Sahih international)


So explicitly the Quran says that Satan origin is not an angel but from the Jinn, and by that we know that God of the Torah is not the same God of the Quran, simply the story tellers are not the same!

So what is the nature of the Jinn in the quran? According to Quran are those spiritual beings or physical beings? The answer are in the following ayahs

Surah 15:27

And the jinn We created before from scorching fire

Surah 55:15

And He created the jinn from a smokeless flame of fire.


So according to Quran Satan who is from the Jinn is not a spiritual being like the Torah but a physical being who is made of smokeless flame of fire! Not the same being, again the storyteller of the Torah is not the same storyteller of Quran, Yahweh is not Allah!


Satan is a TAWHID martyr

Sufi Muslims believe that Satan is the Imam and martyr of TAWHID, because Allah commanded him to prostrate to Adam but he refused and insisted on TAWHID and that is he fall from Allah grace, if you don’t believe me this is islamic reference in Arabic go ask you Muslim cleric who knows arabic and show him the following link


So according to Quran Allah commanded that Satan prostrate to Adam but Satan refused, we find that in the following Ayahs

Surah 38:71-74

“When thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to create a mortal out of mire, (71) And when I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My Spirit, then fall down before him prostrate, (72) The angels fell down prostrate, every one, (73) Saving Iblis; he was scornful and became one of the disbelievers.”

Surah 2:34

“And when We said unto the angels: Prostrate yourselves before Adam, they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He demurred through pride, and so became a disbeliever.”

Surah 15:28-33

“And (remember) when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am creating a mortal out of potter's clay of black mud altered, (28) So, when I have made him and have breathed into him of My Spirit, do ye fall down, prostrating yourselves unto him. (29) So the angels fell prostrate, all of them together (30) Save Iblis. He refused to be among the prostrate. (31) He said: O Iblis! What aileth thee that thou art not among the prostrate? (32) He said: I am not going to prostrate myself unto a mortal whom Thou hast created out of potter's clay of black mud altered!”


And also refer to ayahs 16:71, 18:50 and 20:116-117

We also notice a big confusion in those Ayahs as following

First: The commandment to prostrate was to all angels, it says “all angles except Satan” so why Satan found himself obliged to prostrate? Remember Satan is not from the angels, Satan is from the Jinn, why would Allah punish him for not doing so? The commandment was to the angels not to the Jinn, or the Quran forgot that Satan is not an angel but Jinn???

A big discrepancy in the Quran and as we know according to Surah 4:82 that makes Quran not from God or Allah

Second: Why would Allah command Satan to commit Shirk???


Seems to me Satan is TAWHID martyr that was pushed into wickedness by Allah, that is why Quranic Satan is claiming that Allah seduced him into wickedness as we will see in the next section


Satan was seduced into wickedness by Allah

Yes Satan said to Allah you seduced me and Allah did not falsify that!

We will present to you the ayah in context so nobody falsely accuse us of taking ayah out of context that is why we will start from Surah 7:10

Surah 7:10-18

And assuredly We established you in the earth and appointed for you livelihoods therein; yet little thanks ye return. (10) And assuredly We created you, thereafter We fashioned you, and thereafter We said to the angels: prostrate yourselves before Adam; then they fell prostrate; not so Iblis: he was not of those who fell prostrate. (11) Allah said: what prevented thee, that thou shouldst not prostrate thyself, when I bade thee? He said. I am better than he; me Thou createdest me from fire, and him Thou createdest from clay. (12) Allah said: then get thee down from hence; not for thee is it to be stiff-necked herein. So go thou forth; verily thou art of the abject ones. (13) He said: respite me till the Day they shall be raised up. (14) Allah said: verily thou art of the respited. (15) He said (Satan): because Thou hast seduced me, I will beset for them Thy straight path. (16) Then surely I will come upon them from before them and from behind them and from their right and from their left, and Thou shalt not find the most of them thankful. (17) Allah said: go thou forth from hence, scorned, driven away. Whosoever of them followeth thee, I will of a surety fill Hell with you all. (Eng-Abdul Daryabadi)


In context and without doing any bad exegesis, based on the commandment to prostrate to Adam, Satan accused Allah of seducing him into disobedience and Allah did not falsify that


So how is that Quranic scandal not that obvious to Muslims? Because they have twisted away from the true meaning in the different english translations of the Quran

For example Sahih international replaced “Seduce me” with “put me in error”! Meanwhile we find in arabic  that the word “غوى” or “Ghawa” means Seduce, intentionally deceive, mislead and lured

Also another Ayah concurs the same

Surah 15:39

He said (Satan), “My Lord, since You made me go astray (actually it the same arabic word “Ghawa” meaning seduced), I swear that I shall beautify for them (evils) on the earth, and shall lead all of them astray,


As we see Satan of Quran is pious Jinn made of flames who have been seduced into disobedience by Allah of Islam, definitely not the true Satan that we know according to Torah and bible


Islam is not an Abrahamic religion


To be continued ..



Satan and the Origin of Evil


Satan according to Islam


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قرآن رابسو .. سورة الدبر


قرآن رابسو .. سورة الدبر


"ف ي س (1) قُلْ أَرَأَيْتَكُمْ إِنْ أَتَاكُمْ الشَّيْطَانُ بَغْتَةً أَوْ جَهْرَّ (2) لَيَلهْوَكُم عَنْ أَقَامُةِ الصَّلَاةَ بِهَاجِسْ غَّبْرَّ (3) إِذَ يَخَوضُ فِي آدْبَارِكَم فَأَعْرِضْ عَنْهُ حَتَّى لا يَنُفذُ اَلصَبْرَّ (4) كَىْ لَا يُكْسِفَنَّكَ الشَّيْطَانُ فَلَا تَقْعُدْ بَعْدَ الزِّرْطَةَ جَبْرَّ (5) أَوْ يَنْفُخَ فِي مَقْعَدَتِكِ فَيُخَيَّلُ لَكُ أَنَّكُ قَدْ أَخْرَجَت مَنْ اَلشَّرجِ زَفْرَّ (6) أَوَ يَأْخُذُ بِشَعْرَةٍ مِنْ دُبُرِكِ فَيَمُدُّهَا فَتَرَى أَنَّكَ أَحْدَثْتِّ رِيِحً شَبْرَّ (7) وَإن لَمْ تُحْدِثْ أَدْخَل الشَّيْطَانُ أَصَابِعُهُ فِي ألْيِتِيكِ حَشْرَّ (8) فَيَفْشَخُنكَ الشَّيْطَانُ ثُمَّ يُضْحْكِ قائلاً إِنَّ مَعَ الْحُشْرِ يُسْرًا (9)".

صدق المسحوق العظيم .


أسباب النزول والصعود:

بينما كان مولانا خاتم المساحيق من الإنبياء والمرسلين مولانا المسحوق رابسو الذى قال عنه رب العالمين "وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلَّا نَظْافَةً لِلْعَالَمِينَ" وايضاً قال عنه " يَا أَيُّهَا المّسحَوَقُّ إِنَّا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ نَاقِعًا وَدُاَعِّكًا وَتَنِشِيرًا ".. يتناول فطوره فى الصباح ويشاهد التلفاز وإذ شيخاً سلفياً من الصلاعمة من الذين لهم اسوة حسنة فى الصلعوم الظلامي ابن أمنه رسول الشيطان يقول: "أن الشيطان يقوم بشد شعرة من دبر {أى مؤخرة} المُسلم عندما يركع للصلاة بالمسجد ليخرج ريح بطنه {أى الفيساء} لجرح والوضوء وأفساد صلاته .. ويقول ان الشيطان يأخذ شعرة من دبر الصلعوم ويقومها حتى يضرط الصلعوم وكأن الشيطان ليس مخلوق إلا لكي يلعب فى دبر الصلاعمة ..


أسمع ماذا يقول الشيخ


ترك مولانا المسحوق رابسو فطوره الساخن ودخل لمكتبه ليتأكد من صحة كلام هذا الشيخ المعتوه الذي وجده صحيحاً ... وعلى سبيل المثال لا الحصر :

فقد ورد فى كتاب " التلخيص الحبير " لأحمد بن على محمد الكناني (العسقلاني) الجزء الأول – ص 223 – 224 :


170 - ( 19 ) -   حديث أبي هريرة :

"إذا وجد أحدكم في بطنه شيئا فأشكل عليه ،

أخرج منه شيء أم لا ،

فلا يخرجن من المسجد ،

حتى يسمع صوتا أو يجد ريحا "

مسلم وأبو داود والترمذي . وفي الباب عن عبد الله بن زيد بن عاصم المازني بمعناه .

171 - ( 20 ) -   حديث :

" إن الشيطان ليأتي أحدكم فينفخ بين أليتيه ،

ويقول : أحدثت أحدثت {أى أخرجت ريح} ،

فلا ينصرفن حتى يسمع صوتا أو يجد ريحا"

هذا الحديث تبع في إيراده الغزالي، وهو تبع الإمام، وكذا ( ذكره ) الماوردي، وقال ابن الرفعة في المطلب : لم أظفر به ، يعني هذا الحديث انتهى . وقد ذكره البيهقي في الخلافيات ، عن الربيع ، عن الشافعي أنه قال : قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : فذكره بغير إسناد ، دون قوله : فيقول : أحدثت أحدثت" وذكره المزني في المختصر عن الشافعي نحوه بغير إسناد أيضاً، ثم ساقه البيهقي من حديث عبد الله بن زيد بن عاصم المازني ( بمعناه ) وهو في الصحيحين  .

" عَنْ أَبِي سَعِيدٍ ، وَابْنِ عَبَّاسٍ أَنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ  :

إذَا جَاءَ أَحَدَكُمْ الشَّيْطَانُ ،

فَقَالَ : إنَّك أَحْدَثْتَ {أى أخرجت ريح}،

فَلْيَقُلْ كَذَبْتَ ، إلَّا مَا وَجَدَ رِيحًا بِأَنْفِهِ ،

أَوْ سَمِعَ صَوْتًا بِأُذُنِهِ

وَرَوَاهُ ابْنُ حِبَّانَ بِلَفْظِ ..

فَلْيَقُلْ فِي نَفْسِهِ : كَذَبْتَ وَهُوَ عِنْدَ أَحْمَدَ بِلَفْظِ

إنَّ الشَّيْطَانَ لَيَأْتِي أَحَدَكُمْ وَهُوَ فِي صَلَاتِهِ ،

فَيَأْخُذُ بِشَعْرَةٍ مِنْ دُبُرِهِ فَيَمُدُّهَا ،

فَيَرَى أَنَّهُ أَحْدَثَ، فَلَا يَنْصَرِفْ حَتَّى يَسْمَعَ صَوْتًا

وَفِي إسْنَادِ أَحْمَدَ ، عَلِيُّ بْنُ زَيْدِ بْنِ جُدْعَانَ . وَأَمَّا حَدِيثُ ابْنِ عَبَّاسٍ : فَرَوَاهُ الْبَزَّارُ بِلَفْظِ

يَأْتِي أَحَدَكُمْ الشَّيْطَانُ فِي صَلَاتِهِ ، حَتَّى يَنْفُخَ فِي مَقْعَدَتِهِ ، 

فَيُخَيَّلُ لَهُ أَنَّهُ قَدْ أَحْدَثَ وَلَمْ يُحْدِثْ ،

فَإِذَا وَجَدَ ذَلِكَ أَحَدُكُمْ فَلَا يَنْصَرِفْ حَتَّى يَسْمَعَ صَوْتًا بِأُذُنِهِ ،

أَوْ يَجِدَ رِيحًا بِأَنْفِهِ

وَفِي إسْنَادِهِ أَبُو أُوَيْسٍ ، لَكِنْ تَابَعَهُ الدَّرَاوَرْدِيُّ عِنْدَ الْبَيْهَقِيّ " .
مسند أحمد ، باقي مسند المكثرين ، مسند أبي سعيد الخدري رضي الله تعالى عنه ، 11476.

*أنظر كتاب التلخيص الحبير في تخريج أحاديث الرافعي الكبير- أحمد بن علي محمد الكناني (العسقلاني) - مؤسسة قرطبة - سنة النشر: 1416هـ/1995م - رقم الطبعة: الأولى - عدد الأجزاء: أربعة أجزاء - كتاب الطهارة - باب الأحداث - الجزء الأول - ص: 223 .


ملحوظة هامة :

وردت هذه الأحاديث فى كتاب "السنن الكبرى" باب الطهارة  و كتاب " سنن أبي داود-  " باب الطهارة  و كتاب "سنن الترمذي " - باب الطهارة وكتاب " مجمع الزاوئد ومنبع الفوائد" باب العلم وكتاب مسند الإمام أحمد " ....... إلخ


صرخ مولانا المسحوق النبي رابسو من شدة القرف ومغص البطن وأستعاذ بالله من الشيطان المتخصص بأدبار الصلاعمة .. فأتاه جبورة بالليمون الساخن وقرأ عليه سورة الدبر .. قال تعال قال لما أخرج من الحمام !!!!!!!!

بالصوت والصورة شيخ الحرم المكي الشيطان شد شعره من دبره



لقد خريت


ساعه تروح وساعه تيجي


حياة جديدة في المسيح

حياة جديدة في المسيح


"إِذًا إِنْ كَانَ أَحَدٌ (مُطـَعَّم) فِي الْمَسِيحِ (المسيا) فَهُوَ خَلِيقَةٌ جَدِيدَةٌ (خِلقة جديدة تماماً): الأَشْيَاءُ الْعَتِيقَةُ (الحالة الروحية والأخلاقية السابقة) قَدْ مَضَتْ، هُوَذَا الْكُلُّ قَدْ صَارَ جَدِيدًا" (الترجمة الموسعة) (2كورنثوس 17:5).


      إن الخليقة الجديدة ليس له ماضي. فهو نوع جديد تماماً من الكائنات لم يتواجد من قبل. وعندما يقول الشاهد أعلاه، " الأَشْيَاءُ الْعَتِيقَةُ (القديمة) قَدْ مَضَتْ،" يعني الحياة القديمة؛ أي الطبيعة القديمة لم تـَعُد متواجدة بعد الآن.


      يخبرنا في رومية 4:6، أنه "...كَمَا أُقِيمَ الْمَسِيحُ مِنَ الأَمْوَاتِ، بِمَجْدِ الآبِ، هكَذَا نَسْلُكُ نَحْنُ أَيْضًا فِي جِدَّةِ الْحَيَاةِ (الحياة الجديدة)." فما لديك الآن هو حياة جديدة بالكامل. وحسب المكتوب، عندما مات يسوع، أنت مُت معه؛ وعندما دُفن، أنتَ دُفنت معه؛ والآن ولأنه قام، لقد أُقِمت أنت أيضاً معه في حياة جديدة.


       لذلك تحثنا الكلمة أن "َتَلْبَسُوا الإِنْسَانَ الْجَدِيدَ الْمَخْلُوقَ بِحَسَبِ الإله (على شبه الإله) فِي الْبِرِّ وَقَدَاسَةِ الْحَقِّ (القداسة الحقيقية)" (أفسس 24:4). فطبيعتك القديمة صُلِبت مع المسيح. ولم يعد المرض، والفقر، والفشل، والموت، جزءاً من حياتك الجديدة في المسيح.


       فتوقف عن الرثاء لماضيك لأن الرب ليس لديه سجل لتلك الحياة. فحياتك الجديدة بدأت من اليوم الذي قبلت فيه المسيح واعترفت بربوبيته وسيادته على حياتك. وانتقلت الحياة الأبدية في التو إلى روحك البشرية، فأصبحت خِيلقة جديدة.


أُقر وأعترف


بأن الحياة فوق الطبيعية التي للإله في داخلي! وأن حياة القيامة عاملة في روحي، ونفسي، وجسدي! وأنا أسلك في هذه الحياة الجديدة، بأن لبست الإنسان الجديد في المسيح، المخلوق على شبه الإله في البر والقداسة الحقيقية!


دراسة أخرى


يعقوب 18:1؛ يوحنا 12:1ـ13


قراءة كتابية يومية


خطة قراءة الكتاب المقدس لعام واحد: لوقا 25:14-1:15-10؛ قضاة 19-21
خطة قراءة الكتاب المقدس لعامين : مرقس 23:2-28؛ لاويين 15

New Life In Christ


New Life In Christ



Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spiritual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come

(2 Corinthians 5:17 AMP).



      The new creation is without a past. He’s a brand new species of being that never existed before. When the scripture above says, “Old things are passed away,” it means the old life; the old nature no longer exists.



        Romans 6:4 tells us that “…as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.” What you have now is a new life altogether. According to the Scriptures, when Jesus died, you died with Him; when He was buried, you were buried with Him; now that He’s resurrected, you’ve also arisen with Him into a newness of life.



        That’s why the Word admonishes us to “put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness” (Ephesians 4:24). Your old nature was crucified with Christ. Sickness, poverty, failure and death are not a part of your new life in Christ.



         Cease to lament your past because God doesn’t have the record of that life. Your new life begun the day you received Christ and confessed His Lordship over your life. Eternal life was at once imparted to your human spirit, and you became a new creation.






I have the supernatural life of God in me! The resurrection life is at work in my spirit, soul and body! I walk in this newness of life, having put on the new man in Christ, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness!






James 1:18 AMP; John 1:12-13 AMP







1 Year Bible reading plan: Luke 14:25-15:1-10; Judges 19-21
2 Year Bible reading plan: Mark 2:23-28; Leviticus 15

النور الأكبر (الأعظم) يحكم النهار

النور الأكبر (الأعظم) يحكم النهار

"فَعَمِلَ اللهُ النُّورَيْنِ الْعَظِيمَيْنِ: النُّورَ الأَكْبَرَ لِحُكْمِ النَّهَارِ، وَالنُّورَ الأَصْغَرَ لِحُكْمِ اللَّيْلِ..." (تكوين 16:1).

        إن الكلمة المفتاحية في الشاهد الإفتتاحي هي "يحكم" وهي تعني أيضاً "يسيطر" أو "يمارس السلطة على". فلقد خلق الله النورين العظيمين لممارسة السلطة على مجالين متميزين؛ النور الأعظم لحكم النهار والنور الأصغر لحكم الليل. فلماذا رتب الله الأمور بهذه الكيفية؟

        يجب عليك أن تدرك أن الله روح (يوحنا 24:4) وأن ترتيباته روحية في المقام الأول. من أجل ذلك، فما يعلنه لنا في الكتاب المقدس هو أكثر من مجرد خلق الشمس والقمر؛ فهو يُظهر لنا مبدأ روحي. "وَيَخْجَلُ الْقَمَرُ وَتُخْزَى الشَّمْسُ، لأَنَّ (عندما تُقارن إنارتهما الغير فعالة بإنارة) رَبَّ الْجُنُودِ (الذي) قَدْ مَلَكَ فِي جَبَلِ صِهْيَوْنَ وَفِي أُورُشَلِيمَ، وَقُدَّامَ شُيُوخِهِ مَجْدٌ" (إشعياء 23:24) في هذا الشاهد يُظهر لنا روح الله أمرين هامين. أولاً، أن هناك عالماً روحياً أعظم من هذا العالم المادي وأن مجد نور ذلك العالم الروحي يتألق أكثر من نور الشمس والقمر الماديين. ثانياً، أن نور هذا العالم الروحي هو حضور الرب. وعند دراستك للكتاب المقدس، ستلاحظ طبيعة النور الروحية. وأيضاً في العهد الجديد، قدم يوحنا عبارة لافته عن صهيون، أورشليم الجديدة: "وَالْمَدِينَةُ لاَ تَحْتَاجُ إِلَى الشَّمْسِ وَلاَ إِلَى الْقَمَرِ لِيُضِيئَا فِيهَا، لأَنَّ مَجْدَ اللهِ قَدْ أَنَارَهَا، وَالْخَرُوفُ سِرَاجُهَا. ... وَأَبْوَابُهَا لَنْ تُغْلَقَ نَهَارًا، لأَنَّ لَيْلاً لاَ يَكُونُ هُنَاكَ" (رؤيا 23:21-25).

        إن الخوف، والفقر، والمرض، واليأس، والإحباط، والفشل هم جميعاً نتاج الليل. فإن كنت قد اختبرت أي من هذه في حياتك، فهذا يعني أنك تسلك في الليل. ولكن إن كنت قد وُلدت ولادة ثانية، ولم تعد ابناً للظلمة، لأنك ولدت في صهيون، مجال النور الأعظم (عبرانيين 22:12). فأنت نسل "أبي الأنوار" (يعقوب 17:1). فلا عجب أن يقول في أفسس 8:5 "لأَنَّكُمْ كُنْتُمْ قَبْلاً ظُلْمَةً، وَأَمَّا الآنَ فَنُورٌ فِي الرَّبِّ. اسْلُكُوا كَأَوْلاَدِ نُورٍ" فاحيا اليوم في الحق الذي لك في كلمة الله. فمثلاً يُعلِم إرميا 8:17 أن ظروف حياتك لا تعتمد على سياسات بلدك أو إقتصاديات العالم؛ بل إن حياتك تحت سيطرة كلمة الله فقط. لذلك، اذهب إلى كلمة الله! وأنت تلهج فيها باستمرار، ستُظهر بالتأكيد البركات التي تتكلم عنها وتكون الدافع نحو التميز في وسط هذا العالم المضطرب.

إقرار إيمان

أنا غير محدود بقوى هذا العالم؛ وأنا أسلك بالنور الأعظم من خلال كلمة الله. وأحيا في مناخ مختلف. إن ما يحكم حياتي هو كلمة الله وليس الأنظمة البشرية الموضوعة. لأن شمس البر قد أشرق في داخلي. وأنا أسلك في التميز والرخاء والإزدهار المتزايد باستمرار.

دراسة اخرى

ملاخي 1:4-2 ؛ 2بطرس 19:1-20 ؛ مزمور 1:1-3

قراءة كتابية يومية

خطة قراءة الكتاب المقدس لعام واحد: أعمال 16: 36 - 57، استير 8 - 10

خطة قراءة الكتاب المقدس لعامين: 2كورنثوس 11:12-20، اشعياء 21

The Greater  Light Rules The Day

The Greater

LightRules The Day

            “And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule              the day, and the lesser light to rule the night…”

(Genesis 1:16).

      The key phrase in the opening scripture is “to rule” which also means “to dominate” or “to exercise authority over”. So God made the two great lights to exercise authority over two distinct realms; the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. If you look at this instruction ordinarily you might think that it’s kind of skewed especially when you consider the peculiarities of these two realms. It would seem that having the lesser light rule the day and the greater light rule the night would have been a better arrangement. So why did He order things this way?

       You’ve got to realize that God is a Spirit (John 4:24) and His instructions are firstly spiritual in principle. Therefore, what He’s revealing to us in this scripture is more than just the creation of the sun and the moon; He’s showing us a spiritual principle.

        “Then the moon will be confounded and the sun ashamed, when [they compare their ineffectual fire to the light of] the Lord of hosts, Who will reign on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem , and before His elders will show forth His glory” (Isaiah 24:23 AMP). The Spirit of God is showing us two important things in this scripture. Firstly, there’s a spiritual world that’s greater than this material world and the glory of the light in that spiritual world by far outshines that of the physical sun and the moon. Secondly, the light of that spiritual world is the Lord’s presence. As you study the scriptures, you’ll observe the spirituality of the light. Over in the New Testament, John also made a remarkable statement about Zion, the New Jerusalem: “And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof…And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.” (Revelation 21:23-25).

         Fear, poverty, sickness, hopelessness, discouragement and failure; there are all products of the night. If you have been experiencing any of these in your life, it means you’re walking in the night. If you’re born again, you’re not a child of the night, for you were born in Zion , the realm of the greater light (Hebrews 12:22). You’re the offspring of the “Father of lights” (James 1:17). No wonder Ephesians 5:8 says, “For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light.” Live in the reality of God’s Word concerning you today. For example, Jeremiah 17:8 reveals that the condition of your life isn’t dependent on the policies in your country or the economics of the world; rather, your life is controlled by the Word of God only. So, go for the Word! As you continually meditate on it, you’ll surely manifest the blessings it talks about and be propelled towards excellence amid the world’s turbulence.


I’m not limited by the forces of this world; I function by the Greater Light through the Word of God. I live in a different atmosphere. My life is governed by the Word and not by systems set up by men. The Sun of righteousness is arisen on me; I function in excellence, abundance and ever-increasing prosperity.


                Malachi 4:1-2;2 Peter 1:19-20; Psalm 1:1-3


1 Year Bible reading plan: Acts16: 36- 57, ester 8-10

2 Year Bible reading plan: 2 Corinthians 12:11-20, Isaiah21

Quran is Satan Agenda to slaughter mankind

Magdious Alexanderian

Let us image “Person A” sent a message to another “Person B” saying:


Dear Person B

Kill whoever doesn’t join our party, because our party is the righteous one, so that their will be no “FETNA” or disorder in our country, we want our country calm and peaceful and that is why our whole country should follow one party and that is off course ours’

And in order to motive you in your endeavor of killing other party members we will give you their positions as reward for your effort and loyalty


Person A


Now if such letter had been  tracked by security officials  and have been investigated that Person A really did send that letter to Person B, what would be the legal consequences?

Of Course the prosecution will demand that the jury impose the maximum legal sentence on the instigator, and the incite letter will be a prove even if no murder happened yet we have a hate crime here that demands punishment.


If applied that on the Quran as an incite letter, we will find that Quran is an incite agenda for a complete case of mass murder between a inciting murderer and an another murderer who will be probably a genuine Muslim trying to fulfil his religion, and that is why we find the islamic history is a history of bloodshed even between the Sahaba themselves and until today after 1400 years of Islam

And now let's present ayahs from the devilish agenda to murder mankind called the Quran

Surah 8:65

O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there be of you twenty steadfast they shall overcome two hundred, and if there be of you a hundred steadfast they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they (the disbelievers) are a folk without intelligence. “

Surah 4:84

So fight, [O Muhammad], in the cause of Allah ; you are not held responsible except for yourself. And encourage the believers [to join you] that perhaps Allah will restrain the [military] might of those who disbelieve. And Allah is greater in might and stronger in [exemplary] punishment.


And also military jihad is “FARD AL-AYN” meaning it is a required religion obligation on each and every Muslim even if you hate it as the following ayah says

Surah 2:216-217

Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not. (216) They question thee (O Muhammad) with regard to warfare in the sacred month. Say: Warfare therein is a great (transgression), but to turn (men) from the way of Allah, and to disbelieve in Him and in the Inviolable Place of Worship, and to expel His people thence, is a greater with Allah; for persecution is worse than killing. And they will not cease from fighting against you till they have made you renegades from your religion, if they can. And whoso becometh a renegade and dieth in his disbelief: such are they whose works have fallen both in the world and the Hereafter. Such are rightful owners of the Fire: they will abide therein. “


but then someone will say, come on there are also peaceful Surahs in the quran why are you focusing only on fight ayahs?

But then Muslim are ignoring that you can not use Quran without knowing the rules of abrogation and Muslim can not deny abrogation as Islamic concept, we explain and gave evidence for that in a previous article and following is the link for it


The violence inciting Quran also commanded to kill everyone whoever is not Muslim in

Surah 9:29

Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture {meaning Jews and Christians} - [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.


and all scholars says that fight and kill incite ayahs abrogates peaceful ayahs, we already discussed that in a previous article and following is the link


And the excuse that Quran use to wage war on non-Muslims all over the world is presented in the following Ayahs

Surah 2:193

“And engage in war with them until there be no sedition and the religion be to Allah. So if they desist, so there will be no transgression except on the unjust”

And in Surah 8:39

“And  engage in war with them until there will not be sedition and the religion will be completely to Allah” so war is waged until Islam becomes the religion of the whole world


and we provided more evidence before that Quran agenda is to subjugate the whole world to Islam using the sword and following is the link


Also according to Quran the only religion for Allah is Islam we find that in Surah 3:19

Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam


And continues to  Surah 3:85 saying

And whoever desires other than Islam as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers


Also Quran slurred Jews and Christians as unclean polytheists in Surah 9:28

O you who have believed, indeed the polytheists are unclean, so let them not approach al-Masjid al-Haram


And more than that they are children of pigs and apes as in the following Ayahs

Surah 2:65

And you had already known about those who transgressed among you concerning the sabbath, and We said to them, "Be apes, despised."

Surah 5:60

Say, "Shall I inform you of [what is] worse than that as penalty from Allah ? [It is that of] those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He became angry and made of them apes and pigs and slaves of Taghut. Those are worse in position and further astray from the sound way."

Surah 7:166

So when they were insolent about that which they had been forbidden, We said to them, "Be apes, despised."


And also Islam incited Muslims to not do any deeds that will satisfy Jews and Christians and also to not make friends of them

Surah 5:51

O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Nazarenes as friends: friends they are to each other: and whosoever of you befriendeth them, verily he is of them; verily Allah guideth not a wrong-doing people

Surah 2:120

And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion. Say, "Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance." If you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, you would have against Allah no protector or helper


Also in Surah 5:18

But the Jews and the Christians say, "We are the children of Allah and His beloved." Say, "Then why does He punish you for your sins?" Rather, you are human beings from among those He has created. He forgives whom He wills, and He punishes whom He wills. And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them, and to Him is the [final] destination.


Also Quran claims that Allah  keeps chasing the Jews and Christians to wherever seeking refuge place until they get killed in Surah 9:30

The Jews say, "Ezra is the son of Allah "; and the Christians say, "The Messiah is the son of Allah ." That is their statement from their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved [before them]. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded?


Also Quran claims that the killer of Jews and Christians is Allah himself as we see in Surah 8:17

And you did not kill them, but it was Allah who killed them. And you threw not, [O Muhammad], when you threw, but it was Allah who threw that He might test the believers with a good test. Indeed, Allah is Hearing and Knowing.

Also Quran claims that angels help Muslims in the task of killing Jews and Christians as we see in Surah 8:12

[Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, "I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip."


also in Surah 9:5

And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.


and the demonic agenda continues in the Quran as following

Surah 9:14

Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts of a believing people

Surah 4:89

They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah . But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.


Also Quran asked Muslims to cast fear and terror on the hearts of Jews and Christians saying in Surah 33:26-27

And He brought those of the people of the Bookwho backed them down from their fortresses and cast into their hearts terror; a part of them ye slew, and ye made captives a part. (26) And He caused you to inherit their land and their houses and their riches, and land which ye have not yet trodden. And Allah is over everything ever potent.


Also in Surah 8:60

And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.


And clearly Quran demanded Muslims to kill all Jews and Christians in Surah 9:36

Indeed, the number of months with Allah is twelve [lunar] months in the register of Allah [from] the day He created the heavens and the earth; of these, four are sacred. That is the correct religion, so do not wrong yourselves during them. And fight against the disbelievers collectively as they fight against you collectively. And know that Allah is with the righteous [who fear Him].


And Quran describes the way Jews and Christians should be killed in Surah 47:4

So when you meet those who disbelieve [in battle], strike [their] necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them, then secure their bonds, and either [confer] favor afterwards or ransom [them] until the war lays down its burdens. That [is the command]. And if Allah had willed, He could have taken vengeance upon them [Himself], but [He ordered armed struggle] to test some of you by means of others. And those who are killed in the cause of Allah - never will He waste their deeds


Also Surah 5:33

Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment,


Also Quran demanded Muslims to chase people of the book to everyplace based on Surah 2:191

And slay them wheresoever ye come upon them, and drive them out whence they drove you out; and temptation is more grievous than slaughter. And fight them not near the Sacred Mosque until they fight you therein, but if they get ready to fight you there, then slay them. That is the meed of the infidels.


And for killing non-Muslims Quran promised great reward as we fin in Surah 4:74

Let them wherefore fight in the way of Allah those who have purchased the life of this world for the Hereafter: And whosoever fighteth in the way of Allah, and is then slain or overcometh, We shall vouchsafe unto him a mighty hire.


Those was only some of many demonic Surahs in Quran

and finally let us end with a hadith that shows demonic agenda that exists in both Bukhari and Muslim




And based on provided evidence that Quran incite mass murder toward Jews and Christians if they did not accept Islam (the only option left would be pay Jizya) we need to condemn and prohibit this demonic agenda that is least to say fascist and Natzi and its only product are terrorist groups like ISIS and Boko Haram on the image of Muhammad himself who is for sure the messenger of terror to save what is left of our society and also I have final message to Muslims

“Run for your life from this doomed book called Quran that is demonically produced by the enemy of all what is good and noble”

We pray to the Lord to protect our land from that damned agenda of terror produced by the Quran


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محمد ليس رسول الله

بقلم سمو الأمير

يُؤْمِن جميع المسلمين أن رسالة محمد هي مكملة لجميع أنبياء اليهود و لرسالة المسيح،

و أن الرسالة الواحدة التي تجمعهم هي عقيدة التوحيد.

هذا إعتقاد المسلمين الغير معتمد علي أي دليل سوي كلام محمد عن نفسه و الذي يدعي انه وحي من الله !!!

عندما يدعي محمد أنه جاء ليكمل سلسلة الأنبياء الذين من قبله فلا سبيل لقياس ذلك إلا بمراجعة ماجاء به آخر الأنبياء (أقصد مدعي النبوة)

مع ما جاء به الأنبياء الحقيقيين قبله ..فإذا ما تعطل سبيل القياس الوحيد و هي كتب الوحي الحقيقي التي جاءت قبل القرأن  عن طريق الطعن عليها بالتحريف و التبديل فلا طريق أخر للتأكد من صحة أو عدم صحة نبوة محمد..

و الأقرب للعقل في هذه الحالة أن من يخشي الرجوع لقياس مصداقيته و يطعن في جهاز القياس هو لاشك كاذب و مدعي النبوة و يهرب من المواجهة خشية إفتضاح أمره.

المسلمون علي الجانب الأخر إتخذوا الاتجاه المعاكس للعقل و المنطق و استسلموا لادعاءات محمد دون دليل أو برهان و دون مراجعة لمصداقيته و عدم وجود اي دليل علي نبوته  سواء معجزات عجز عن الإتيان بها مثل باقي الأنبياء و لا بأي ذكر له في كتب سابقة و لم يبقي أمامه لإثبات نبوته سوي بطش سيفه ، و اذا كان هذا دليل نبوة فان جنكيزخان و هولاكو يكونان في هذه الحالة أنبياء أفضل منه.

إن طعن المسلمين في كتب الوحي قبل الاسلام لا يترك أمامهم أي شيء يستندون عليه لإثبات صحة دينهم.

(لا يوجد أي نص في القرأن يؤكد تحريف نصوص كتب الوحي إنما ما إدعاه محمد في كتابه هو تحريف قادة اليهود و المسيحيين لمعاني النص...الخ)

الثابت عند جمهور علماء المسلمين و عامة المسلمين أن الدين عند الله الاسلام..

وأن من يبتغي غير الاسلام ديناً فلن يُقبل منه..

وهكذا فقد نسخ الاسلام ما قبله من أديان.

وبما ان هناك الكثير من الشكوك و الطعون في كتب الوحي السابقة فقد اعتبر المسلمين و علماءهم بان هذه الكتب قد تم تحريفها و بالتالي عدم الرجوع اليها و الاكتفاء بالقرأن الكتاب الوحيد المنزل من الله و الذي لم يصيبه التحريف !!!

علاوة علي ذلك يتضمن القرأن مقتطفات من قصص الأنبياء السابقين مما يعتبر إعترافاً بهم و تعويضاً عن الكتب المطعون في صحتها.!!!

هذا ما يُؤْمِن به المسلمين و لكنه إيمان هزيل لا يقوي علي الصمود أمام أبسط فحص أو إختبار.

بما أن محمد هو من زعم بأن رسالته هي مكملة للأنبياء الحقيقيين السابقين عليه فقد وضع نفسه بعلم أو بدون علم محل فحص من جانب كتب هؤلاء الأنبياء للتأكد من صحة نبوته من عدمها.

وبما أن المسلمين قد طعنوا بتحريف هذه الكتب فقد قطعوا الطريق علي إثبات صحة نبوة محمد، و بالتالي لا يوجد دليل علي صحة نبوته.

ليس أمام المسلمين سوي طريقين لإثبات صحة نبوة نبيهم.

الطريق الأول : 

ترك كتب الوحي تفحص نبوة محمد و  المقارنة بين محتواها وما جاء به الأنبياء الحقيقيون في كتبهم .

الطريق الثاني :

هو الطعن في كتب الوحي الحقيقي و الإدعاء بتحريفها للتهرب من الفحص والمراجعة لما جاء به نبي الاسلام حتي لا يُفتضح أمره وتظهر بشرية رسالته.

في كلتا الحالتين بمراجعة أو بدون مراجعة فإنه لا مصداقية لنبي الاسلام و لا دليل واحد علي صحة نبوته..

بعض الأمور الكاذبة التي جاء بها محمد

أولاً فكرة أن الاسلام هو ديانة التوحيد الخالصة والطعن في عقيدة التوحيد عند كلاً من اليهود والمسيحيين هي فكرة كاذبة و مضللة.

الاسلام لم يأتي بأي جديد فيما يتعلق بالتوحيد كما يتوهم المسلمون، و لا يمكن للإسلام المزايدة في هذا الموضوع و ما قام به محمد مجرد خداع و تضليل لتابعيه..

الشِرك الحقيقي بالله هو الإصرار علي وضع شهادة التوحيد الخاصة بالله جنباً إليّ جنب وعلي نفس المستوي مع الشهادة لمحمد  وكأن الشهادة لله وحده غير كافية !!! هل بعد الشِرك كفر ؟

أما إيمان المسيحيين بأن المسيح هو الله الظاهر في الجسد ليس شِركاً بالمرة لأننا نؤمن بإله واحد قد تجسد ليفدينا

عدم إيمان و إعتراف المسلمين بألوهية المسيح هو عمي بالبصيرة

عندما يفتح الله بصيرة الانسان سيدرك بأن المسيح ليس مجرد نبي و لكنه رب جميع الأنبياء

لكن لا يستطيع أحد أن يقول أن يسوع المسيح رب إلا بالروح القدس

صحيح أن المسيح جاء في صورة إنسان و لكنه لم يولد كأي إنسان

أكذوبة ان مثل المسيح كمثل آدم

آدم وقع في العصيان و تعدي وصية الله ، أما المسيح فتحدي معاصريه قائلاً : من منكم يبكتني علي خطية ؟

الأمر الذي لم يجرؤ عليه أي نبي قبل المسيح أو بعده...

فجميع الناس أخطأوا ماعدا المسيح مما يثبت انه ليس مجرد إنسان.

من الغباء تصور ان المسيحيين يرفعون المسيح لدرجة الألوهية و يعبدونه رغم ظهوره أمامهم انه مجرد إنسان يتألم و ينام و يقضي حاجته كأي إنسان أخر أو بلغة أخري  كأنهم يعبدون المخلوق دون الخالق و حاشا لأحد من المسيحيين ان يكون فعل ذلك

لكن إيماننا بأن الله الواحد خالق كل الأشياء و الذي لا يحده كل الوجود و الموجود من الأزل قرر في لحظة معينة دخول عالم البشر فتجسد أي اتخذ جسداً بشرياً و جاء في صورة الناس..لم تكن بداية المسيح يوم ولادتة من مريم العذراء و لكن بدايته منذ الازل كما يعلن لنا الوحي في إنجيل يوحنا:" في البدء كان الكلمة و الكلمة كان عند الله و كان الكلمة الله . به كل شيء كان و بغيره لم يكن شيء مما كان"

لماذا تجسد الله ؟ لماذا أخلي نفسه و أخذ صورة عبد ؟

لهدف عظيم

لأنه يحب الانسان الساقط الغارق في خطاياه و الذي فقد صورة الله و تحول لكائن أناني متوحش لا يتورع عن قتل أخيه الانسان ليحقق أطماعه الشهوانية أو ينفث أحقاده المتمكنة منه.

إتخذ الله صورة إنسان ليعيد صورة الله مرة أخري للانسانية.

جاء ليفتدي البشرية بدم ثمين لكي لا يهلك كل من يؤمن به بل تكون له الحياة الابدية.

أما محمد فأراد إرجاع البشرية للوحشية و الطمع و الزيغان عن طريق الله الحقيقي.

كيف دخلت كل من المسيحية و الإسلام إلى مصر؟؟

بقلم سمو الأمير

يجب ان يواجه المصريين أنفسهم بالحقيقة، كي يتمكنوا من تقرير مصيرهم و مصير أولادهم.

تعالوا نراجع التاريخ لنري كيف دخلت كل من المسيحية و الاسلام الي مصر؟

وعوامل والظروف المحيطة بدخول المصريين في كلتا الديانتين ..

دخلت المسيحية إلى مصر بواسطة رجل واحد جاء إليها حاملاً الإنجيل

وبدأ بشارته بمعجزة مؤيدة من السماء عندما قام بشفاء يد الإسكافي المجروحة أثناء إصلاح حذاءه.

آمن به الرجل و صار أول مصري يعتنق المسيحية

واعتمد و كل أهل بيته و انتشرت المسيحية بعد ذلك بقوة و سرعة شديدة

 وذلك رغم الاضطهادات العنيفة التي كان يتعرض لها المسيحيين

وكان من ضمنها إستشهاد القديس مرقس في شوارع الاسكندرية بطريقة بشعة

ولكن كل ذلك زاد تمسك المسيحيين بإيمانهم

و انتشار المسيحية في كل ربوع مصر حتي صارت مصر بالكامل مسيحية في وقت قياسي و قصير للغاية !!! (بدون سيف او جيوش او إجبار أحد علي الدخول في المسيحية).

ماذا عن دخول الاسلام الي مصر ؟

بعيداً عن الروايات الخيالية ، نستطيع التأكيد علي ان العرب جاءوا من الجزيرة العربية غزاة

بجيوش و سيوف و خاضوا حروباً للاستيلاء علي مصر..

صحيح ان مصر كانت في ذلك الوقت خاضعة للاحتلال الروماني

و لكن هذا ليس مبرراً علي الإطلاق للترحيب بمحتل بديل !!!

الثابت تاريخياً أن سيف العرب عمل بضراوة في صدور المصريين و ان بعد دخول الاسكندرية قام العرب المسلمين الغزاة بقتل المصريين و سبي النساء ونهب البيوت وحرق مكتبة الاسكندرية (راجع المقريزي)

واذا ما ابتعدنا عن المواقع الحربية و التي راح ضحيتها عشرات الآلاف من المصريين علي يد الغزاة العرب المسلمين، فاننا يمكننا التوقف على ما عرضه الغازي المنتصر علي صاحب الارض ..

الاختيارات الثلاث :

الاسلام أو الجزية أو الموت.

علاوة علي المعاملة المُذلة و المهينة و إستحلال أموال و أعراض و دماء المصريين.

كل من دخل الاسلام في ذلك

الوقت إنما دخل بسبب الفقر أو خوفاً و هرباً من الموت.

و بالطبع وُجد شرفاء ممن فضلوا الموت علي الدخول في الدين الاسلامي.

لا يزال الاسلام كما كان منذ أربعة عشر قرناً يخرب حياة الناس و يحرم المصريين من الحرية و يمارس التفرقة الدينية بين المصريين و يمارس الظلم و الطغيان وفق شريعته الظالمة المستبدة و القوانين الجائرة المستمدة منها.

إنه وقت للانقلاب علي هذا الدين الدموي الظالم  الذي أهان المرأة و أذلها، و أوصل المصريين لأحط الأخلاق ، بجعلهم يتحرشون بالنساء بشكل أحقر من الحيوانات و يقتلون الأطفال  بأيادي شيطانية آثمة متجردة من الانسانية .

اخرجوا من هدا الدين الباطل..

عودوا يا مصريين الي المسيح..

عودوا لدين الحق و الي اله الحق.

اتركوا الاسلام فحاشا ان يكون 

هذا الدين من عند الله.

هذا هو طريق الخير لمصر و أهلها..

و هذا سبيل إنقاذ مصر و مستقبلها.

اخرجوا من الإسلام يا مصريين ... 

اخرجوا من الاسلام يا مصريين ...

و عودوا إلة المسيح.