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The Surah that made Angel Gabriel God of muhammad

The Surah that made Angel Gabriel God of muhammad


Muslims likes to talk much about Oneness of Allah or what they call TAWHID and they talk about too much to the degree that makes you think, are Muslims hiding something??? Is really Quran a book of TAWHID?? But if so what about the incidents in Surah 53?


People would think I will talk about “Al Garanic event” but no I will talk about another one but first let us check the first ayah in Surah Al Najm 53



By the star when it descends

By the way it is not descends it is fallen because the arabic word used is “HAWA” means something fallan rabidly like a airplane that suddenly fallen

So Allah swears with a fallen star?? Specially if you know that in the hebrew bible or the old testament fallen star is simply satan

If we understand the first 10 ayahs of Q53 in context it is talking about a being came from above that descended to give an inspiration to muhammad


Now if Muslims will come and say that this being who came from above and give an inspiration is Allah SWT himself that is not possible for the whole reason

First: the whole Islamic doctrine is that the inspiration was given by Allah but through Gebriel (claimed Archangel Gabriel), and we find that for example in Q96, Q74:1-3 and others

Second:Q53:8-9 says “Then he approached and descended and was at a distance of two bow lengths or nearer”

And according to Islam Allah does not come close and does not descends


Also here is example of TAFASIR that said who approached and descended is Gebriel


The Tafsirs for Q53:5

Ibn Abbas says that is about Gebriel

Q53 5 ibnAbbas


And Al Jalalayn and Ibn Kathir says the same


The Tafsirs for Q53:6

Ibn Kathir says that Ayah is concerning Gebriel

Q53 6 ibnKathir


And Al Jalalyin and Ibn Abbas concurs


The Tafsirs for Q53:7

Again all the Tafasir says this is also referring to Gabrial

The Tafsirs for Q53:8-9

Who descended and came closer to muhammad was angel Gabriel

Q53 8 ibnAbbas

Ibn Abbas concurs


And so did Ibn Kathir for example


So according to the previous let's talk those ayahs together in context



Taught to him by one intense in strength{referring to Angel Gabriel}

One of soundness. And he rose to [his] true form{referring to Angel Gabriel}

While he was in the higher [part of the] horizon{referring to Angel Gabriel}

Then he approached and descended{referring to Angel Gabriel}

And was at a distance of two bow lengths or nearer {referring to Angel Gabriel}

And he {then it must be referring to Angel Gabriel}revealed to His Servant{referring to muhammad}what he revealed


So directly Q53:10 admits that Muhammad is the slave of Angel Gabriel!


If we asked Gabriel who is muhammad to you? The answer according to Q53:10 will be “He is my slave”, can you deny that Muslim brothers???


Angel Gabriel is definitely and undeniably the Lord of muhammad according to Q53:10, for muhammad Angel Gabriel is the God of Muhammad

The least we can say that “muhammad is the slave of the Angel Gabriel” and that is enough to bring Islamic TAWHID down


Did the tafasir tried to work around it? Some of it admitted the truth for example


Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn ‘Abbâs forQ53:10

 Q53 10 ibnAbbas


According to Q53:10Angel Gabriel is the God of muhammad, case closed.

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