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THE PERFECTION OF EVIL                   

Mass Murderer, Rapist, Child Molester, Child Beheader, Terrorist, Torturer, ....

Muhammad was a hands on Fuhrer Prophet. He not only ordered mass murder, torture, raping of sex slaves but he personally beheaded his enemies, raped their women, plundered their property, and sold the women - he and his men did not want as sex slaves and their children into slavery to raise funds to finance his jihadi armies. The prophet owned 40 slaves.

Following is a listing of prophet Muhammad’s crimes against God – crimes against humanity, none of which Jesus ever committed or allowed his disciples to commit. If Jesus had committed just one of these criminal acts He would no longer be the Son of God. Christians are sanctified by receiving the blood of Christ at Holy Communion. Muslims are sanctified by the blood of murdered kafirs.

A child is the very essence of Moral Perfection. To take a child and sexually molest the child is evil. To molest a child while proclaiming to be a prophet is a despicable evil act. To involve a child (Baby Aisha) in a massacre (Banu Qurayza) is a depraved horrid act of pure diabolical evil.  To behead children is unspeakable evil.

Following is the Evil Perfection of a Monster.  All of these criminal acts are fully documented in KILLING PROPHET MUHAMMAD free download on left side index.


                              THE CRIMES OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD

                                            SUNNA OF EVIL PERFECTION

Quoting from Page 91  book –KILLING PROPHET MUHAMMAD " Molested his wife - six-year-old Baby Aisha. One of Baby Aisha’s wifely duties was to clean semen stains from the prophet’s clothes. Muhammad was an animal - a pig - who would take a bath with Baby Aisha and thigh with Baby Aisha fondling her 6 year old vagina and taking his penis and rubbing it up and down this poor child’s 6 year old thighs until he ejaculated onto her  6 year old leg. Being a man of mercy he did not penetrate Baby Aisha until she was nine, ramming  his penis into her vagina ripping Baby Aisha’s insides apart. He sexually molested and raped her for another 9 years." Reiterating these depraved diabogical acts of evil: Thighing,  child molestation, rape of children, fondling a child.s vagina, and ALL THE OTHER CRIMES of this monster is Sunna in Islam: Holy and divine.

Raped Baby Aisha when she was nine. Advocated sex with baby girls.

Raped a retarded woman. Murdered a woman. Had sex with his dead aunt.

Captured women and raped them. Kept women as sex slaves. Muhammad had sex with 61 women: many he raped. There is no consensual sex between a child girl and a man. There is no consensual sex between a master and his sex slave. There is no consensual sex between a woman conquered in war and her husband conqueror. All such sexual acts are rape. RAPE IS RAPE.

Had eleven wives at one time. Sexually abused his wives. Raped his wives. Forced sex during their menstruation including Baby Aisha. Mentally abused his wives. Can you imagine taking a child (or any aged woman) and molesting with your hand/fist her menstruating vagina?

Beheaded his enemies. 600/900 Jewish men at the massacre of Banu Qurayza. Had Jewish boys as young as 13 years old beheaded after pulling down their pants and inspecting groin for pubic hair. Baby Aisha sat beside Muhammad watching the beheadings. Muhammad murdered 3,000 plus people.

 Ordered the murder, torture, terrorization of Christians and Jews if they did not convert to Islam. Forced Christians and Jews fromSaudi Arabia (the mass exile).

Assassinated people for insulting him or Islam. Established totalitarian rule. Had followers and their families burnt alive in their homes for missing prayer.

Ordered the extermination, torture and terrorization of kafirs. Instigated 60 massacres and personally participated in 27 of them.

Owned and sold slaves. Enslaved women and children.

Called his black slaves pug noses and compared them to Satan.

Treated his black slaves as beasts of burden.

No befriending Christians and Jews.

Subjugated and oppressed Muslim women. Required them to cover their faces.

Married his daughter – in – law.Approved prostitution.

Encouraged the rape of women in front of their husbands.

Recommended wife beating. Hit his wife – Baby Aisha.

Murdered prisoners of war. Committed acts of terror.

Advocated suicide attacks.

Advocated Murdering Gays

Executed apostates and homosexuals.

Beat children who didn’t pray. Abolished adoption.

Honor killings of Muslim women and children.

Beat alcoholics. Murdered alcoholics.


Stoned adulators to death. Stoned a woman to death after she had given birth. 

Ordered thief’s hands/feet chopped off.

Tortured a man out of greed.

Looted and plundered.

 Preached hate for people of other religions.   


Extorted money from other religions

.Forced conversions to Islam

 Allowed his companions to execute, behead, rape and enslave.

This above catalogue of the holy Sunnah of Muhammad simply represents the characteristic of an evil maniac (All these criminal Sunnas will be documented with relevant Hadith reference in the chapters of KILLING PROPHET MUHAMMAD). But in Islam, they represent the Sunnah, the sacred “path”. And quite desirably this is the Sunna that Muslim men were emulating at the Kenyan, Boston, World Trade Center, ISIS Christian/Yazidi and all the other Jihad massacres across the globe. Since the Muslim perpetrators of those Jihadi terror attacks were simply modeling their behavior on Muhammad, they are good, moral, moderate Muslims – not deviant fanatics. Far from the naive thinking that their violence and intolerance are alien to inherently peaceful Islam, they are directly rooted in Muhammad's example. 

The above catalogue of Muhammad’s evil Sunnah would obviate that he was among the rare instances of evil persons ever walked the earth, not the person of moral perfection as claimed by Allah. And when Allah picked such an “evil incarnate” as his best representative to mankind, then Allah could not be a loving and merciful creator of the Universe but a Monster of Evil. again - Killing Muhammad will explore the journey of Muhammad from a prophet of peace to a prophet of war, death, terror and then document the criminal acts of Muhammad and a number of his major military campaigns. 

In conclusion, we declare these two fundamental absolute truths laying the foundation for the total destruction of Islam in the book not with one word or Hadith or Shara Law teaching but with thousands upon thousands of words and acts of sheer evil: For Islam to be true - since EVERY word of the Quran was transmitted by God to Angel Gabriel and re-transmitted to Muhammad then every word of the Quran must be Moral Perfection. If just one word is immoral evil then the Quran is not from God but from Muhammad and ALL Islam is fraudulent.As the supposed God of the Universe must be of Moral Perfection, so would be His representatives on earth. And Allah as we have already shown duly claims the same about Prophet Muhammad in the Quran. Therefore, ALL the Hadiths that outline the character and personality of Muhammad would be of moral perfection. Just as with the one word of immoral imperfection to negate the entire Quran as the word of God, if any actions or sayings of Muhammad in any of the Hadiths show any immorality, injustice or evil on his part, just one criminal act committed by Muhammad – just one word or act of hate, just one word or act degrading or denigrating women in any way, just one word or act degrading or denigrating any human being in any way, just one word or act of revenge, just one word or act of violence, just one act of leading or ordering or planning just one act of war, let alone ordering murder, massacres, rape, enslavement, booty, child molestation, sex slavery, stoning, maiming, terror, torture, just one word of invoking God justifying or ordering any of the above acts, then he was not a prophet of God but a fraud. Just one instance of immoral imperfection of Muhammad either by word or deed - just one immoral Hadith destroys the Moral Perfection of Muhammad and is enough to negate the claim of his prophethood and therefore Muhammad and all Islam are fraudulent. 

KILLING PROPHET MUHAMMAD will kill prophet Muhammad not with one immoral word or Hadith but thousands upon thousands.

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