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Canadian police shut down the Christian church tent for distributing the bible at Kitchener multicultural festival

Kitchener Ontario


Every year we used to visit the Arabic Church in Kitchener and visit the multicultural festival that is held yearly on the third weekend in June, were the Arabic Christian Church participate in the festival by renting a tent in a place known to be dedicated for different religious cultures and usually you find attendance from different religions Budish, Bahai, Christian and islamic and others


The main activity of the church tent is usually presenting the Christian Arabic Culture by playing Arabic worship songs, writing the name of attendees in Arabic and distributing bibles in Arabic language and so on, and I am a regular visitor since year 2010 but I was only absent year 2018.


When I went this year, I was surprised to find the absence of all religions from participating in the festival except for the tent of the Muslim fellows presenting the Islamic culture, why? The answer came through eyewitnesses who attend last year.


According to members of the Christian tent, in the first hour of the festival the police came to the tent and asked them to leave at once, and they are prohibited from joining the festival again, and the reason is an anonymous lady wearing hijab complained to the police that the Christian tent tried to force her to remove the hijab!! 

When asking eyewitnesses they said we have been here all the time and this has never happened and we don't know who is this lady who complained to Police and we were not allowed to confront her to examine her claim and no other procedure were taken except to expel us from the festival for ever!!




The unfortunate outcome is that this year 2019 all religious cultures were absent except for the Islamic culture and following is photos as a documentation for that take 22nd June 2019


Now the Important question until when the Christian culture is suppressed from the Canadian identity?


Who is responsible for those irresponsible actions and who is supporting those kind of actions to create such an environment of segregation ?



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