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Why they hate Islam

Why they hate Islam

Why they hate Islam?

By the prince


I am not sure it the British public opinion really believes that the two leaders of “Britain first” are spreading hatred!!!!

The funny thing against whom?!


Actually Islam is the factory of producing row pure hatred.

What was their crime?!

Describing a Muslim rapist gang by what a British court found them guilty and condemned them !!!!


The one responsible on spreading hatred in British society are not “Britain first” but those self interests politicians who allowed  the radical Islam to be spread out every corner of England with horrific racist and hatred speech through Islamic school and mosques.


Instead of putting “Britain first” leaders to trial you would rather do that with Isis leaders for their deadly ideology and what they are doing among British Muslim youth by recruiting them to execute their barbaric and fascist agenda.

While the British politicians are comprising the value of tolerance and freedom in front of Islamic value that doesn’t have the minimum of human rights basis, there still is among britons brave and respected young people that risked their life by joining the Kurds in Syria to confront this inhuman and disgraceful ideology.


We can no more tolerate this hatred ideology for any reason specially political correctness and specifically not for not been accused of racism.

Islam teaches their followers to despise and hate even fight and kill non Muslims!!!!


This is the worst racist ideology ever known in human history.


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